Your Money

Here are answers to your most asked financial questions, whether you’re preparing to begin your studies at UT or coming back for your next term.

Tuition and Fees

Find out how UT sets tuition and fees and how to check your total.

Paying Tuition and Fees

Learn about paying tuition and fees; how to access your student account and enable third party payments; and how UT handles special billing.

Cost Estimates

Use our calculators and budget estimates to determine your expenses, plus learn what affects your costs.

Tax Information

Learn how UT and the IRS handle your tax forms.

Drop/Withdrawal Fees

Find out the schedule of fees if you drop classes, or withdraw from the university.

Financial Aid, FAFSA, and Scholarships

Find out how to fill out the FAFSA, and your options for financial aid, scholarships, discounts, waivers, and employment that help offset your costs to attend UT.

Due Dates and Deadlines

Get the financial dates and deadlines you need to know in our Calendars section.

Excess Financial Aid and Refunds

Here’s how to set up a designated account to receive your excess financial aid or a refund from UT.

Paying for Campus Services

Learn how to use your student ID VolCard to pay for such services as dining, vending, and parking.

Final Late Registration Fees

Find out the schedule of fees if you register late for classes.