Refunds for Students

Refunds are the amount of tuition, maintenance, and other charges that are due back if you drop classes or withdraw from UT.

Based on the date you drop a course, you may owe a percentage charge for the dropped course. Please refer to the Timetable/Financial Deadline listings in our Calendars section for dropped course dates and charges. You may be eligible for a refund so please review your VOLXpress account.

The university makes refunds each semester after the drop deadline for classes. The amounts are calculated to the nearest dollar. If you have any outstanding fees or fines, the amount of your refund is applied toward those first.

Any remaining refund balance is either sent to your bank account or applied to your debit or credit card, depending on how you paid. Make sure you set up a Refund Profile in MyUTK if you’re due to get money back in that account.

If you withdraw from UT, that does not cancel any fees or charges you have already incurred.

The Technology Fee, Transportation Fee, and Facility Fee are all mandatory. They’re refunded on the same percentage scale as maintenance and tuition charges. The Housing Office determines refunds for housing and meal plans, according to your contract.

Some fees are non-refundable including: Deferred Payment Plan Fees, Final/Late Registration Fees, and Late Payment Fees.

All refunds are subject to audit, and UT reserves the right to correct any errors.

Financial Aid Refunds

Your financial aid is used to pay your charges and fees at UT. The leftover amount you receive must be repaid if you withdraw from the university or you’re dismissed. The university calculates and distributes refunds to Title IV programs.

More Questions?

If you have additional questions about receiving a refund, contact a One Stop counselor.