Programs Abroad Financial Aid

We want you to have a fantastic study abroad experience! We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the programs abroad options and requirements, and financially prepare for your time abroad.

You may receive financial aid for a programs abroad program if you meet these criteria:

  • The program is recognized by UT
    • Search for programs using the Programs Abroad Office’s Program Finder
  • The credits earned while you are abroad are eligible to be transferred back to UT and will count toward your degree program
  • You are registered in the course through the Programs Abroad Office

The Programs Abroad Office offers programs for all budgets. Your existing financial aid and most of your scholarship money can apply to approved programs abroad options. Plus, you can apply for additional programs abroad scholarships!

We encourage you to explore programs abroad budgeting tools to help you compare study abroad costs to the estimated costs for studying on-campus at UT. You can access these tools here.

Apply for Programs Abroad Aid

To apply for financial aid for Programs Abroad programs, complete the FAFSA as if you will be attending UT on-campus. UT’s federal school code is 003530.



  • You cannot receive your financial aid in advance to pay for your program fees
  • Federal regulations prohibit an institution from disbursing financial aid until the beginning of the semester
    • Please check the calendar for each semester’s disbursement date
  • Check with your program coordinator about postponing program fee payments that will be covered by financial aid until the funds are available

Exchange Programs

In-State students: For Tennessee residents, exchange programs are often the least expensive programs. Exchange programs do require students to have a great deal of independence.

There are many affordable direct and third-party programs that offer great benefits and do not cost much more than UT’s tuition, housing and food rates.

Out-of-State students: We encourage out-of-state students to consider direct or third-party provider programs abroad programs rather than exchange programs. These programs often cost less than the cost to attend UT.

Summer or Mini-Term Programs

The Programs Abroad Office offers many shorter programs during Mini-Terms or Summer Term. However, scholarships and other financial aid often do not apply to programs that are shorter than a semester. This frequently makes Mini-Terms and Summer Term programs more expensive, compared to Fall and Spring semester programs.