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Budget Estimates

Get a breakdown of key (billable) costs and estimated additional expenses (non-billable) for a year’s worth of attendance at UT, including everything from tuition to personal expenses.

These budgets are estimated and updated annually.

What Impacts Cost of Attendance?

Some contributing factors:

  • The UT Board of Trustees sets official tuition and fee rates in June or July each year. Any changes to tuition and fee rates go into effect each fall.
  • The UT administration submits tuition and fee recommendations to the board as part of the budgeting process.
  • Additional per-credit-hour fees may be assessed depending on what you are studying. For instance, courses in business, engineering, architecture, and nursing have added fees.
  • Estimated additional expenses (costs not set by UT) can vary based on your personal spending and needs.

Detailed Tuition and Fees

Are You In-State or Out-of-State?

Your residency classification is determined by your admissions application and allows you to better understand your cost of attending UT, is determined by regulations set by the state of Tennessee and the UT System.

Student Residency Classification

Tuition Cap

A tuition cap is the practice of charging the same amount for a range of credit hours during a semester.

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Discounts & Waivers

You may be able to take advantage of discounts and waivers available through UT and the state of Tennessee.

Learn More About Discounts & Waivers

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Net Price Calculator

Entering first-year students can also use the Net Price Calculator to help determine likely out-of-pocket expenses.