Financial Aid: Grants


Students with higher financial need may be eligible for grants. Grants are a type of aid that do not need to be repaid.

The Student Aid Index (SAI) number generated by the FAFSA determines your eligibility for state and federal grants. Awards are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and some awards have limited funding.

Apply for Grants Annually

To be eligible for grants, file your FAFSA every year! Make sure you use UT’s federal school code (003530) and file by the UT Priority Filing Date. Your annual FAFSA submission determines your eligibility for grants based on your financial need.

Keep Your Grants

Familiarize yourself with the criteria necessary for you to keep receiving your grants.

Types of Grants

Federal Pell Grant

Federal Pell Grants are typically awarded to undergraduate students who have not earned a bachelor’s or professional degree. In some cases, a student in a post-baccalaureate teacher certification program may receive a Federal Pell Grant.

Click here to learn more about the eligibility requirements.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (FSEOG) are designated for undergraduates with exceptional financial need.

Students who will receive Federal Pell Grants and have the most financial need will receive FSEOGs first. 

Iran and Afghanistan Service Grant

If your parent or guardian has passed away as a result of military service in Iraq or Afghanistan, you may be eligible for an Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant. Starting in the 2024-25 aid year, eligible students will receive Pell Grant funding. These grants have special eligibility criteria.

Click here to learn about the special eligibility criteria.

Tennessee Student Assistance Award Grant

Tennessee Student Assistance Award Grants are funded by the state and awarded to undergraduate Tennessee residents with exceptional financial need. Funds are awarded on a first come, first-served basis.

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More on Federal Grants

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