Add/Drop Classes

Add Classes

How to Add Classes

In your MyUTK account under Academic Resources, select Add/Drop Classes. We recommend working with your academic advisor to make sure the courses you register for count toward Course Program of Study eligibility, so you can receive your full financial aid.

If a Class is Closed or Full

There are a few tips and strategies you can try if a class you want or need is closed or full.

  • Keep checking MyUTK to see if a seat opens before the class begins.
  • Contact your academic advisor to discuss alternatives if you cannot get into a closed class.
  • Add yourself to the waitlist for a class through the registration system. However, you can only be on the waitlist for one section of a class at a time. You cannot be on the waitlist for a different section of a class if you are already enrolled in that class.
  • Attend class the first day and try to get permission from the instructor to add it.

Add a Class after the Add Deadline

Complete a Change of Registration Form, also known as an add slip. Get an add slip online or from the academic department that offers the course you want to add. When your request is approved, return the add slip to the academic department for processing.

Final/Late Registration Fees

Summer 2024

Full TermFirst SessionSecond & Third SessionFee
June 6-19June 6-19July 10-23$100
June 20-ForwardJune 20-ForwardJuly 24-Forward$200

Spring 2024
Full TermFirst SessionSecond SessionFee
Jan. 22-Feb. 4Jan. 22-Feb. 4Mar. 18-Mar. 31$100
Feb. 5-ForwardFeb. 5-ForwardApr. 1-Forward$200

Winter Mini-Term 2024

Full TermFee
Jan. 2-Jan. 15$100
Jan. 16-Forward$200

Fall 2023

Full TermFirst SessionSecond SessionFee
Aug. 23-Sept. 5Aug. 23-Sept. 5Oct. 16-Oct. 29$100
Sept. 6-ForwardSept. 6-ForwardOct. 30-Forward$200

Drop Classes

How to Drop Classes

In MyUTK under My Resources select Add/Drop Classes.

Taking Full-Semester Classes in Fall or Spring?

You can withdraw from the university for the semester through the last day of undergraduate classes for that semester. You can always find the full list of add and drop deadlines in the timetable/financial calendar.

Charges for Dropped Classes

If you decrease your hours, it may change what you owe and affect your financial aid.

Full-time undergraduate charges are based on twelve semester hours.

Full-time graduate, law, and veterinary medicine charges are based on nine semester hours.

If you go from full-time to part-time status during a semester, a percentage charge may be applied. This is based on the number of days between the first day of classes and the day you drop hours.

The UT Board of Trustees determines fees for hourly maintenance, tuition, technology, facility, transportation, library, study abroad, health, programs, and service fees. Students are charged based on the number of credit hours on their student record for the term when statements are created. NOTE: Once classes have begun for the semester, the only way to drop your entire class schedule would be to officially withdraw from the university.

Fall 2024

Full TermFirst SessionSecond SessionPercentage Charged
Aug. 19-Aug. 23Aug. 19-Aug. 23Oct. 9-Oct. 13No Charge
Aug. 24-Aug. 29Aug. 24-Aug. 29Oct. 14-Oct. 1920%
Aug. 30-Sept. 340%
Sept. 4-Sept. 860%
Sept. 9-End of TermAug. 30-End of TermOct. 20-End of Term100%

Summer 2024

Full TermFirst SessionSecond SessionThird SessionPercentage Charged
Jun. 6- Jun. 10Jun. 6-Jun. 10Jul. 10-Jul. 14Jul. 10No Charge
Jun. 11-Jun. 16Jun. 11-Jun. 16Jul. 15-Jul. 20Jul. 1120%
Jun. 17-Jun. 21Jun. 17-Jun. 21Jul. 21-Jul. 25Jul. 1240%
Jun. 22-Jun. 26Jun. 22-Jun. 26Jul. 26-Jul. 30Jul. 1360%
Jun. 27-End of TermJun. 27-End of TermJul. 31-End of TermJul. 14- End of Term100%

Mini-Term 2024

Full TermPercentage Charged
May 16No Charge
May 1720%
May 1840%
May 1960%
May 20-End of Term100%

Spring 2024

Full TermFirst SessionSecond SessionPercentage Charged
Jan. 22- Jan. 26Jan. 22-Jan. 27Mar. 18-Mar. 22No Charge
Jan. 27-Feb. 1Jan. 27-Feb. 1Mar. 23-3020%
Feb. 2-640%
Feb. 7-1160%
Feb. 12-End of TermFeb. 2-End of TermMar. 31-End of Term100%

Winter Mini-Term 2024

Full TermPercentage Charged
Jan. 2No Charge
Jan. 320%
Jan. 440%
Jan. 560%
Jan. 6-End of Term100%