Advising and Tracking Degree Requirements


All Vols are assigned an academic advisor to stay on track with coursework, career goals, and co-curricular experiences. Academic advisors are faculty or staff from the student’s college or major. Advisors use tools like DARS and uTrack to support students staying on track in their program of study and to encourage on-time graduation. You can find out who your advisor is in your MyUTK account. For more information, visit the Undergraduate Academic Advising website.

Degree Tracking DARS (Degree Audit Report System)

DARS provides an automated record of progress toward completing a degree in your major.

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uTrack (Universal Tracking)

uTrack is an academic monitoring system that helps you stay on track for graduation.

Changing Majors

If you are considering a change in your program of study, please discuss this with your advisor and contact the college of the new program of study to discuss before making any changes.

Graduate Students

UT offers various graduate certificates, masters degrees, specialists in education, and doctoral degrees, with each program having specific requirements. You can find a complete list of graduate programs in the Graduate Catalog under the Majors/Minors, A-Z, or in the Majors, Degrees and Certificates Programs Chart. For specific degree requirements, consult individual program descriptions. Department/program policies and procedures, which are specific to degree programs and may be more rigorous than those set by the Graduate School, are provided in the Graduate Catalog and in the Graduate Student Handbook available within each academic department and/or program.

Click here to view the minimum requirements established by the Graduate Council for degree programs.