Academic Policies

Academic Polices and Procedures

As a student, please become familiar and comply with all UT policies and procedures. Use the links below to view academic policies and procedures that apply to undergraduate and graduate students.

Hilltopics Student Handbook

The Hilltopics student handbook outlines UT standards of conduct, all disciplinary regulations and procedures, and student rights and responsibilities at UT. It provides valuable information and links covering every element of student life at UT including academics, student support services and resources, student governing bodies and organizations, and campus policies and procedures.

View the Current Catalog

The Undergraduate Catalog and Graduate Catalog are the official sources of academic programs, courses, policies, and procedures.

Volunteer Core Curriculum

Also referred to as “General-Education classes”, Volunteer Core Curriculum provides students with the foundation for successful academic study, lifelong learning, and active engagement in the duties of local, national, and global citizenship. The university’s general education curriculum is designed to help students better understand themselves, human cultures and societies, and the natural world, as well as contribute to their personal enrichment.

Learn more about Volunteer Core Curriculum here.

Academic Second Opportunity for Undergraduate Students

The Academic Second Opportunity policy helps students who were not successfully progressing toward a degree during a previous attendance at UT, but are now performing satisfactory work.