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Scholarships FAQ

How competitive are UT scholarships?

In 2021, the entering freshman class of 5,948 had an average core GPA of 4.05 and an average ACT score of 28. Around 59 percent had a high school-weighted academic core GPA of 4.0 or higher.

How do I apply for freshman scholarships?

To be considered a priority applicant for all UT Knoxville scholarships, you must submit your admission application and answer the competitive scholarship questions by November 1. Your completed application for admission and the scholarship application including letters of recommendation are used to apply for all merit/academic scholarships awarded on a competitive basis to entering freshmen by UT Knoxville and the UT Alumni Association. Students must submit their admission application by December 15 for consideration for the Volunteer, Pledge, and Promise scholarships. The Pledge and Promise scholarships also require a FAFSA submission by the UT FAFSA Priority Date of March 15, 2024.

You can apply through the UT Vol in Progress (VIP) system or through the Common Application.

To apply through the VIP system, create your personalized page, and then you can schedule a campus tour, register for an admissions program and apply for admission and competitive scholarships. The required scholarship questions appear as a new tab after you submit the admission part of the application. Your VIP page will show you campus updates and status information.

The scholarship questions for the Common Application are part of the UT Knoxville supplement. Recommendation letters (academic, professional, or personal) are optional for the admissions application, but one recommendation is required for the scholarship application.

Am I eligible for scholarships after my first year?

Yes, eligibility for scholarships continues throughout the college levels, and continuing students are encouraged to reapply each year by no later than March 1. Visit our Continuing Undergraduate Student Scholarships webpage for more information.

How do I find out about the unclaimed scholarships I hear about?

The majority of unclaimed scholarships are from external sources. Scholarships with very restrictive criteria are sometimes not awarded until future years.

If I am awarded a scholarship, how do I accept and receive the funds?

Your federal financial aid is automatically applied toward your tuition and fees for the year you receive it. Your student account statement, which you receive by email, shows a summary of all your financial transactions such as tuition, fees, on-campus housing and many other charges. You can view your charges and fees, make online payments, see fee waiver and discount information, and access fines and past-due amounts. You can also track pending financial aid and potential excess funds from scholarships or loans through your account.

Federal regulations allow you to voluntarily authorize financial aid to be used to pay for nontuition and fees during the current year.