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Federal Work-Study Resources


Use the below button to access the JobX/TimesheetX home page.

JobX/TimesheetX Login

Once you’ve logged in to the JobX/TimesheetX home page, follow the instructions from the options below to access the step-by-step manuals for further guidance.

Once you’ve logged in to the home page, please follow the below steps to access the instruction manual:

  1. Click “Applicants & Employees.”
  2. Click “Applicant & Employee Training Presentation.”

Once you’ve logged in to the home page, please follow the below steps to access the job management, hiring, and timesheet management instructions:

  1. Click “On (or Off)-Campus Employers.”
  2. Click “Supervisor Training Presentation.”

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Student Details

  • The Student timesheet submission deadline is 10:00 a.m. on the Monday following the close of a payroll period.
  • Upon initial timesheet submission, the system will send an email notification to the primary supervisor.
    • There is currently not a way to have the system send this initial notification to secondary supervisor(s).

PLEASE NOTE: Timesheets may only be submitted/approved one biweekly payroll period late.

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Supervisor Details

  • The Supervisor timesheet approval deadline and payroll lock is 10:00 a.m. on the Tuesday following the close of the payroll period.
    • This is an absolute deadline, and missing it even by seconds will cause a two-week delay in student payment!
    • Twenty-four hours prior to the supervisor deadline, the system will send a warning message to ALL supervisors assigned to the student if the student has submitted a timesheet.
      • If the student is delinquent in submitting the timesheet the system will not know to send a supervisor warning message.

PLEASE NOTE:  Timesheets may only be submitted/approved one biweekly payroll period late.

If a student accidentally dismisses their timesheet, they should immediately email to request that the timesheet be re-enabled.  The student will receive further instructions on how to resume time entry.

In order for a student to be able to work during a regularly-scheduled class or lab time, the below steps must be performed.

Student Instructions

You must provide the following to your direct supervisor:

  • Written proof of class cancellation from the instructor’s UTK email address.
    • It must show the subject and course number (i.e. “FYS 100”), as well as the date that the class was cancelled or, in case of early dismissal, the time the class was dismissed.
    • If the notification was provided on Canvas, please provide a screenshot showing the cancelled subject and course number, as well as the date of cancellation.

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Supervisor Instructions

Once you have received the proof of cancellation from the student, you will need to do the following before the current pay period’s timesheet submission deadline:

  • Forward the proof of cancellation to from your UTK email address with the following information for each shift that will need added to the student’s timesheet:
    • Approved date
    • Clock-In time
    • Clock-Out


2024 Summer Payroll Schedule

2023-24 Payroll Schedule

Any employees wishing to update their withholding instructions will need to visit the UT Payroll Office at P115 Andy Holt Tower.

Employees wishing to change their direct deposit setup must do so at

NOTE: You will be required to attach an image of either a voided check or a Direct Deposit Authorization Form issued from a branch location of your bank (many banks can provide this via email).

A student may request an increase in their Federal Work-Study Award once they’ve received a warning from the JobX/TimesheetX system informing them that their award balance has fallen below $500.

To request an increase in their award, the student must send the request to from their UTK email account.  Once the request has been processed, the student will receive a response from the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships regarding the decision.

NOTE: Any increases are subject to financial aid eligibility and to the availability of additional program funding.