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Grades and GPA


Repeating Courses Policy

UT has a general policy for undergraduates and a policy that applies to lower division courses.

Undergraduate Policy

At the end of each term, instructors will assign grades for your classes. If you have any grade changes, they will appear after they have been submitted and processed.

W—Notations for courses you have dropped after the add/drop period will be on your academic history report in MyUTK and on your transcript when final grades are posted for the term.

NR—This notation means not reported by your instructor. Contact your instructor for more information.

Final grades are posted on your academic history and your transcript after the grade entry period ends.

UT will not issue transcripts, diplomas, or grades to any student with a financial hold on your account. However, if you clear a financial hold your grades will be available to view immediately.

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Your grade point average (GPA) is a measure of your academic achievement.

It is calculated by dividing the total number of grade quality points you earn by the total number you attempt. The result, rounded off to two decimal places, is your GPA.

You are required to maintain a certain GPA at UT to avoid academic probation or dismissal. Each term, your semester and cumulative GPAs appear on your academic history, which is used for academic planning.

Grades Not Included in GPA Calculation

  • W, WP, WF, NR, P, S, NC
  • I, IW, IC, IS, SI
  • Grades transferred from another institution beginning with fall 1985 or later

If an I (Incomplete) is not removed within one calendar year or by the time you graduate, it will be changed to an F and count as a failure when computing your GPA. This policy is in effect for undergraduates and graduate students.

Example of GPA Calculation

English 101 3 B 9.0
Math 125 3 C 6.0
French 211 3 C+ 6.9
Geography 131 4 B+ 13.2
First-Year Studies  2  S
  1. Add the number of course hours attempted. Do not include S/NC or P/NC hours.
    3 + 3 + 3 + 4 = 13 hours
  2. To calculate your total quality points:
    • For each course, multiply the number of course hours attempted by the number of quality points indicated in the chart above.
      Example: For Math 125, 3 course hours attempted x 2.0 quality points (grade of C) = 6.0 total quality points earned for Math 125.
    • Next, add the quality points for all courses.
      9 + 6 + 6.9 + 13.2 = 35.1 quality points
  3. Divide the total quality points by the total course hours attempted
    35.1 / 13 = 2.7
  4. Round the result to two decimal places

Calculate Your GPA