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Tuition and Fees in Detail

Most Recent Costs

Note: Downloadable PDFs also show costs per credit hour, per semester. Housing and dining costs are not included.

Winter Mini-Term 2023
Undergraduates (pdf)
Graduate Students (pdf)
Undergraduate (Online Program) (pdf)
Graduate (Online Program)(pdf)


Fall 2022 + Spring 2023 (combined)
In-State Total Out-of-State Total
Undergraduates (pdf) $13,244 $31,664
Graduate Students (pdf) $13,380 $31,798
Law (pdf) $20,168 $38,842
Law Flexible Schedule (pdf) $14,956 $27,638
Veterinary Medicine (pdf) $29,886 $57,152
Undergraduates (Online Program) (pdf) $6,378 $7,278
Graduate (Online Program) (pdf) $6,278 $6,953
Summer 2022
Undergraduates (pdf)
Graduate Students (pdf)
Law (pdf)
Veterinary Medicine (pdf)
Undergraduates (Online Program) (pdf)
Graduate (Online Program) (pdf)
Mini-Term 2022
Undergraduates (pdf)
Graduate Students (pdf)
Undergraduates (Online Program) (pdf)
Graduate (Online Program) (pdf)

Distance Education

View tuition and fees for our Distance Education programs and learn more about Vols Online.


Learn how in-state and out-of-state student costs differ.


You must pay all fees and charges so you can register for classes, receive a transcript, or get your grades or diploma.

Understanding Fees

Part-time students pay tuition and/or maintenance fees at the semester-hour rate, with the total not to exceed the maximum amount indicated. The minimum charge is equivalent to 1 hour at the semester-hour rate.

UT departments may authorize payment of some charges and fees for eligible students. Authorized amounts will be deducted from department accounts after the term starts. Additional per-credit-hour fees are assessed for students taking courses in architecture and design, business, engineering, law, and nursing. The amount is added to your student account when you register. The department that is involved determines if you receive a refund.

Some departments and colleges charge a Special Course Fee.

Fees for audited courses are the same as those taken for credit.

All fees are subject to any changes approved by the Board of Trustees prior to the beginning of a term.

If you think you have a charge or fee that is not correct, contact the associated department. If you have questions about third-party payments or authorizations, contact a One Stop counselor.

Fees in Detail

This breakdown of mandatory fees shows how your money is spent on services and programs that benefit all students.


Maintenance Fee

This fee is charged to all in-state and out-of-state students who attend UT. It is calculated based on the number of hours you are enrolled, up to a maximum full-time charge.

Out-of-State Tuition

In addition to the Maintenance Fee, all out-of-state students pay out-of-state tuition.

student union


Approximately $12 million is collected from this fee annually. Students pay different amounts based upon their status as in-state or out-of-state:

  • $202 for in-state students
  • $317 out-of-state students

Part-time students pay a prorated fee based on the number of credit hours for which they are enrolled.

Helps Fund Campus Beautification


Approximately $1.9 Million is collected from this fee annually.

student in library

$40 per student per semester, excluding those studying veterinary medicine or law (which has a separate Law Students Library Fee), who are enrolled in credit and audit courses.

Helps Fund


Approximately $26.4 Million is collected from the Student Programs and Services Fee annually.

students talking while eating

The full fee is $519 per full-time student per semester (all students enrolled for 9 or more hours are required to pay the full fee). Part-time students pay a pro-rated fee based on the number of credit hours they are taking. On the first day of classes, this fee becomes nonrefundable. 

The fee is assessed in two parts, Part A and Part B. You have paid the full fee with a combined payment of $519.  

Part A – This portion of the fee is $47 per credit hour, up to a maximum of $418. All students pay this portion of the fee.  

Part B – This portion of the fee is a flat amount of $101. All students enrolled in 9 or more credit hours pay this portion of the fee.  

Students who wish the opportunity to obtain student football and/or basketball tickets are required to pay the maximum Part A Fee and Part B Fee. If you are taking 6, 7, or 8 credit hours you may elect to pay the full fee of $519 to make yourself eligible for the opportunity to obtain tickets. NOTE: Eligible students are not guaranteed a ticket.  

Helps Fund Health, Counseling, and Programs

Helps Fund Capital



Approximately $6.6 Million is collected from the fee annually.

students using laptops

$14 per-credit-hour fee ($120 maximum) per student per semester.

Helps Fund

Part of the fee revenue is shared with all 11 colleges, University Libraries, and Student Life to support instruction and programming technology.


T bus

$6 per credit hour ($75 maximum) per student per semester.

Helps Fund

An advisory board made up of students, faculty, and staff reviews all proposals to ensure effective use of the funds generated by each of the fees.

The Technology Fee Advisory Board includes representatives from SGA, the Graduate Student Association, Academic Affairs, Student Life, the Council of Academic Deans, faculty, Finance and Administration, and the Office of Information and Technology. A five-student subcommittee serves in an advisory capacity to analyze student needs and recommend plans and expenditures to the larger committee.

Interested in serving on the Facilities or Student Programs and Services Fee Advisory boards or the Technology Fee Advisory Board? Contact SGA about future opportunities.

You may be subject to pay other fees that are determined by your course of study, your student status, or your application for admission.

Architecture and Design Course Fee

This $111 per-credit-hour course fee is for all undergraduate and graduate architecture and design courses. It helps fund operation of the fabrication laboratories; materials for experiential learning, design and fabrication; student workstations and equipment; and salaries for additional faculty, staff and student workers, space rental, maintenance, utilities, computer virtual lab and staff support, among other fixed costs to accommodate growth in the college.

Business Course Fee

This $101 per-credit-hour differential tuition is for all undergraduate business courses (with the exception of 100, 500, and 600 level courses). It covers the added demand for business courses, helps with advising and placement such as internships, and costs such as study abroad.

Deferred Payment Plan Fee

UT offers a Deferred Payment Plan as an option for paying your tuition and fees. More information is posted here.

Distance Education Course Fees

Distance education students are assessed the per hour rate of: maintenance, tuition (if out-of-state), the Library Fee, any applicable course fee, and the Distance Education Fee of $56 per credit hour. The Distance Education Fee is used to support the technology needed to deliver online courses to distance education students, as well as the creation of new courses and course material for future programs.

Drop/Withdrawal Fees

If you decrease the number of hours you are taking, it may change the amount you owe and affect your financial aid.

This fee has a schedule of charges that increases.

Check the Schedule

Engineering Course Fee

This $115 per-semester-hour differential tuition is assessed for all engineering courses.

Engineering Graduate Program Fees

The master’s program in engineering management has a $9,000 fee (including tuition and fees) per semester. The master’s program in engineering management for health systems has a $10,000 fee (including tuition and fees) per semester.

Final/Late Registration Fees

These fees are assessed to all students enrolled in a fall or spring term who do not priority register for the upcoming term.

This fee has a schedule of charges that increases.

Check the Schedule

Graduate School Readmission Fee

This $30 nonrefundable fee is due for students who are re-applying after an absence of at least one term.

Graduate Student Application Fee

This $60 nonrefundable fee due for prospective graduate students is due with each first-time admissions application.

Graduation Fee for Graduate Students

UT charges a nonrefundable graduation application fee each term for each graduate degree application submitted. The amounts are:

  • $30 master’s degree
  • $45 specialist in education degree
  • $75 doctoral degree

Housing Fees

Contracted amounts for on-campus housing are billed through student accounts. Rates vary depending on the type of room. For more information, you can email or call 865-974-3411.

Late Payment Fees

This $35 fee will be added to your student account if your minimum payment is not received by the due date. This does not include beginning of term registration statements that will cause your schedule to be cancelled if you do not meet the minimum payment. Late payment fees are exclusive of all other charges. They are due when they are assessed, even if you do not look at your account statement. Accounts are also subject to a $45 late fee if there is an account balance at mid-semester. It is assessed in addition to your unpaid fees and charges. Your account balance must be paid so you can register for classes, get a transcript, or receive your grades or a diploma.

Law Fee

All law school students pay an additional per semester charge of $695 for fall and spring.

Law Students Library Fee

All law school students pay an additional $125 per semester fee that supplements the declining collections budget for databases and books; provides support for improving patron services and library infrastructure; and provides support to upgrade the facility.

Living and Learning Communities Fee

This fee is charged to all living and learning community members to cover the cost of most events. The one-time, advance payment eliminates your need to buy a ticket for each event, although you may have to pay a portion of the cost for larger events. If you have questions, email University Housing or call 865-974-2571.

Meal Plans

These options are available through UT Campus Dining. You can find out the costs and choices online or by calling 865-974-4111.

Non-Resident Alien Tax

For international students, this is either a 14 percent (for J1 and F1 Visas) or a 30 percent tax on your financial assistance depending on the Visa code. The allowable charges, a book allowance, and a tax allowance are deducted from the total assistance you receive. Any excess is subject to the 14 percent or 30 percent tax, and it is payable by the student. The tax is calculated approximately one month into the term. It is reviewed and adjusted, if necessary, at the end of the semester. The tax assessments are submitted to the Internal Revenue Service.

Nursing Course Fees

All nursing courses have additional fees attached. These fees vary by course and by program and cover costs associated with clinical experiences and placements; clinical lab supplies and equipment; advising and admissions; and more. Please contact the College of Nursing for additional information regarding these required fees.

Proficiency Examination Fee

These fees are $5 per credit hour for undergraduate students and $7 per credit hour for graduate students.

Social Work Graduate Fees

The social work doctorate program has a $200 fee each semester and the master’s degree program has a $150 fee each semester.

Third-Party Charges

Students are responsible for charges and fees paid by a third party. Non-Person Entity (NPE) accounts, which include government sponsored agencies and private organizations, are automatically assessed a $30 fee at their authorization. Late authorizations and payments are subject to late payment fees, as well as schedule cancellation policies and procedures.

Transcript Fee

UT charges $10 for each copy of your official transcript. Information on placing orders is posted here.

Undergraduate Application Fee

This $50 nonrefundable fee for prospective undergraduate students is due with each first-time admissions application.

Volunteer Bridge Program Fee

This $225 fee is per semester for all students enrolled in the Volunteer Bridge Program, a UT living and learning community. It helps you with additional academic support and funding for your first-year experience.

Policy on Approval of Student Fees (pdf)

Fall 2020 + Spring 2021 (combined)
In-State Total Out-of-State Total
Undergraduates (pdf) $13,264 $31,684
Graduate Students (pdf) $13,380 $31,798
Law (pdf) $20,168 $38,842
Law Flexible Schedule (pdf) $14,956 $27,638
Veterinary Medicine (pdf) $29,336 $56,602

Note: UT reserves the right to adjust tuition charges when deemed necessary. Official fees are set by the UT Board of Trustees in June/July of each year. Indirect costs will vary depending on your housing status.