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Pay Tuition and Fees

Student Payments International Payments Authorized User Payments

Payment in full is due by 4:30 pm on the published due date each term. If you are in good financial standing, you may also choose to enroll in a deferred payment plan and pay 50% of the tuition and fees due by the due date. Not paying in full or failure to enroll in the deferred payment plan will result in your course schedule being cancelled.

Authorize Others to Make Payments

Students, you can log into MyUTK and give third parties—for instance, your parents or an employer—access to your account so they can make payments. UT cannot share your financial records with third parties unless you give authorization.

Deferred Payment Plan

The Deferred Payment Plan is available to students in good financial standing. It allows you to pay 50% of your total term charges, plus a $30 service charge by each term’s due date.

Payment Methods


This method allows you or your authorized users to pay tuition, fees, and other charges directly from a checking account. You may also schedule payments from the account. There is no service charge for e-checks.

Credit or Debit Cards

There is a 2.75% service fee for these payments. UT has a contract with an outside vendor to provide this service. The vendor retains the fee in full.

Pay at One Stop

If you need help, have questions, or want to use a drop box for payments, you can go to One Stop.

Checks must be payable in US dollars, drawn on US banks, and must be payable to the University of Tennessee. Each check must include the maker’s current address and phone number, along with the UT ID Number of the student whose tuition is being paid.

Mailing Address

If you prefer to send your check by mail (see the UT check writing policy above), please use this address:

The University of Tennessee
Office of the Bursar
211 Student Services Bldg.
Knoxville, TN 37996-0225

The student and/or employee must endorse a two-party check. If a two-party check is returned, the student who received the money is liable for the total amount, plus administrative charges.

UT will assess a $30 service charge when checks don’t clear the bank. The charge may be increased to $40 if the check isn’t redeemed within two weeks. Along with returned check fees, UT will assess late payment fees from the date the check is redeemed.

When a check is returned, UT sends a notice to the billing address. Returned checks will not be re-deposited. Cash or a cashier’s check is required to pay a returned check and service charges.

If you have a second returned check within one calendar year of the first one, your check writing privileges are suspended for six months.

If you do not clear the second returned check within one calendar year of the first, your check writing privileges are suspended until the returned check and service charges are paid.

For a third returned check, your check writing privileges are suspended for one year.

If you have a fourth returned check, your check writing privileges are permanently suspended.

If you do not clear a returned check, you forfeit all university services.

Third Party Billing

University departments may authorize payment of certain charges and fees for eligible students. UT also works with some third parties that pay school charges or fund scholarships for students.

The Bursar’s Office handles third party billing.

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