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Drop Classes

How to Drop Classes

On MyUTK in My Resources select Add/Drop Classes.

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Taking Full-Term Classes in Fall or Spring?

After the 84th day of class, no drops are permitted.

From the 85th day to the last day of classes, you still have the option to withdraw from the university for the term.

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Charges for Dropped Classes

If you decrease your hours, it may change what you owe and affect your financial aid.

Full-time undergraduate charges are based on twelve semester hours.

Full-time graduate, law, and veterinary medicine charges are based on nine semester hours.

If you go from full-time to part-time status during a term, a percentage charge may be applied. It is based on the number of days between the first day of classes and the day you drop hours.

The UT Board of Trustees determines fees for hourly maintenance, tuition, technology, facility, transportation, library, study abroad, health, programs, and service fees. The charges are assessed according to the number of hours you are taking when your statement is generated.

NOTE: Once classes have begun for the semester, the only way to drop your entire class schedule would be to officially withdraw from the university.



Spring 2022

Full Term First Session Second Session Percentage Charged
January 24-28 January 24-28 March 21-25 No Charge
January 29-   February 3 January 29-February 3 March 26-31 20%
February 4-8 40%
February 9-13 60%
February 14-End of Term February 4-End of Term April 1-End of Term 100%


Summer Mini-Term 2022

Full Term Percentage Charged
May 19 No Charge
May 20 20%
May 21 40%
May 22 60%
May 23 – End of Term 100%


Summer 2022

Full Term First Session Second Session Percentage Charged
June 9-13 June 9-13 July 11-15 No Charge
June 14-19 June 14-19 July 16-21 20%
June 20-24 June 20-24 July 22-26 40%
June 25-29 June 25-29 July 27-31 60%
June 30 – End of Term June 30 – End of Term October 22 – End of Term 100%