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Request a One Stop Presentation

Would you like One Stop to do a presentation for your students or organization? Let us know!

Our presentations are designed to inform and engage with students regarding the administrative side of their education. We also acknowledge that talking about money can be hard and awkward, but it is important. We want to also create a safe and welcoming environment to discuss money.

Presentations are limited to 30 participants. For larger groups and additional inquires, email or call 865-974-1111.

Please request your program at least two weeks in advance. Program descriptions are listed below.

FYS – OS General Presentation

This presentation focuses on general information that the One Stop Student Services Office covers. The presentation will briefly highlight the services we offer in regards to Undergraduate Admissions, Financial Aid and Scholarships, the Bursar’s Office, and the Registrar’s Office. We offer ways students can connect with us to help with the administrative side of their education. The information in this presentation is applicable to all students.

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Financial Aid Overview

The financial aid overview presentation will discuss information related to financial aid and scholarships. The presentation will highlight the FAFSA application options, scholarships, external scholarships, loans, and other financial aid resources. We will also highlight different scholarships students may have and the criteria to maintain them. The information in this presentation is applicable to all students and may be especially beneficial to students on academic probation.

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Money Habitudes

The Money Habitudes presentation will discuss effective money management and the empowerment to discuss money and planning for the future. This presentation and activity will facilitate discussions of money without the judgment that usually follows. During the presentation, students will go through the Money Habitudes activity and discuss the possible challenges they may face based on the results of the activity.