Paying Tuition and Fees

Payment Deadlines

Your full or minimum payment is due by the published date each semester. The due dates for your charges and fees are printed on your statement. You must pay at least 50% of your fees by the payment due date or your schedule will be cancelled. Financial aid and third party authorizations are taken into consideration when we calculate the 50% payment. If you don’t pay all your charges and fees by the due date, you’re required to enroll in a payment plan on MyUTK.

How to Enroll in a Payment Plan

You can pay your fees before you receive your statement, but they’re subject to change.

Student Payments

Log in to make secure payments online.

Make Student Payments

International Payments

UT has partnered with peerTransfer to streamline the process for international students.

Make International Payments

Authorized Users

Give Access to Others

Students, you can log into MyUTK and give third parties—for instance, your parents or an employer—access to your account so they can make payments. UT cannot share your financial records with third parties unless you give written consent. Get the Directions for Authorization

Make Authorized User Payments

After you’ve been authorized to make payments on a student account, you may use this link:

Make Authorized User Payments


This method allows you or your authorized users to pay tuition, fees, and other charges directly from a checking account. You may also schedule payments from the account. There’s no service charge for e-checks.

Credit or Debit Cards

There’s a 2.75% service fee for these payments. UT has a contract with an outside vendor to provide this service. The vendor retains the fee in full.

Pay at One Stop

If you need help, have questions, or want to use a drop box for payments, you can go to the One Stop Center on the ground floor of Hodges Library, located at 1015 Volunteer Boulevard. Hours of operation: Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Find us on the campus map.

Checks must be payable in US dollars, drawn on US banks, and must be payable to the University of Tennessee. Each check must include the maker’s University ID Number, current address, and local phone number.

The student and/or employee must endorse a two-party check. If a two-party check is returned, the student who received the money is liable for the total amount, plus administrative charges.

UT will assess a $30 service charge when checks don’t clear the bank. The charge may be increased to $40 if the check isn’t redeemed within two weeks. Along with returned check fees, UT will assess late payment fees from the date the check is redeemed.

When a check is returned, UT sends a notice to the billing address. Returned checks will not be re-deposited. Cash or a cashier’s check is required to pay a returned check and service charges.

If you have a second returned check within one calendar year of the first one, your check writing privileges are suspended for six months.

If you don’t clear the second returned check within one calendar year of the first, your check writing privileges are suspended until the returned check and service charges are paid.

For a third returned check, your check writing privileges are suspended for one year.

If you have a fourth returned check, your check writing privileges are permanently suspended.

If you don’t clear a returned check, you forfeit all university services.

Mailing Address

If you prefer to send your check by mail (see the UT check writing policy above), please use this address:

The University of Tennessee
Office of the Bursar
211 Student Services Bldg.
Knoxville, TN 37996-0225

Student Accounts

You receive your student account statement by e-mail, and you can check the status after you log in to MyUTK. Your statement shows a summary of all your financial transactions such as tuition, fees, on-campus housing, and many other charges. You can view your charges and fees, make online payments, see fee waiver and discount information, and access fines and past-due amounts. You can also track pending financial aid and potential excess funds from scholarships or loans through your account. UT assesses your charges and refunds in even dollar amounts. Amounts and dates are subject to change, and transactions are subject to audit.

If your address changes, you can enter the new one on MyUTK. If you need further help, visit the One Stop center on the ground floor of Hodges Library.

If you register for less than a full course load, fees will be charged at the semester hour rate. You must pay additional fees immediately when you increase your course load.

Account Statements

Statements are generated for priority registered students approximately four weeks before the term starts. Even if you don’t review your statement, you’re still obligated to meet the payment due date. If you haven’t received your statement by e-mail two to three weeks before the term starts, you can check it on MyUTK.

Special Billing

Find out about Special Billing
Information on external third parties and UT departments that pay some fees or provide scholarship funds