UT annually offers more than 4,000 awards from over 1,400 scholarship accounts to undergraduate and graduate students. Over $23,000,000 in scholarship funds is awarded annually, with four-year, one-year, and renewable scholarships available.

Our financial aid page has information on filling out and submitting your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to start your financial aid process. The federal government provides information on avoiding scholarship scams.

Scholarships for Different Types of Students

To be considered a priority applicant for all UT Knoxville scholarships, you must submit your admission and scholarship application by November 1 of your senior year in high school. Your completed application for admission including two references and the scholarship questions in the application are used to apply for all merit/academic scholarships awarded on a competitive basis to entering freshmen by UT Knoxville and the UT Alumni Association.

You can apply to UT through the UT Vol in Progress (VIP) system, or to UT and other schools through the Common Application.

To apply through the VIP system, create your personalized page. Then you can schedule a campus tour, register for an admissions program, and apply for admission and competitive scholarships. The required scholarship questions appear as a new tab after you submit the admission part of the application. Your VIP page will show you campus updates and status information.

The scholarship questions for the Common Application are part of the UT Knoxville supplement. One recommendation is required for the admission part of the application. Two recommendations are required for the scholarship portion.

To be considered for general university and academic college scholarships, you must complete the Continuing and Transfer Student Undergraduate Scholarship Application. It’s available on MyUTK, look under UTK Financial Aid Links and select the Financial Aid Main Menu. Continuing students have a February 1 application deadline. Transfer students have a deadline of April 1.

Here’s more scholarship information for transfer students.

These scholarships are available:

If you plan to transfer to UT in the middle of the academic year, here are some important things you should do:

  • Tell your current school’s financial aid office that you plan to transfer so they can cancel your aid for the rest of the year. By doing this, there should not be any delays when UT begins to process your aid.
  • If you didn’t list UT on your financial aid form as one of the institutions to receive your information, we need a copy of your Student Aid Report (SAR), or you may let us know your DRN located on the top, right corner of your SAR, and the latest transaction # of the SAR which is located just before the DRN. This allows us to access your financial aid form data from the Department of Education’s database.
  • If you’re a recipient of the Tennessee Student Assistance Award, HOPE Scholarship and/or other funds from the Tennessee Lottery, you must call the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation (TSAC), to inform them of your plans so your state grant and/or scholarship(s) can be awarded at UT. TSAC’s phone numbers are: 800-342-1663 and 615-741-1346.

If you have questions about academic college and departmental scholarships, contact a One Stop counselor.

If you plan to attend summer school in 2013 and you’d like to receive financial aid including the HOPE Scholarship, there are some additional steps you need to take.

To be eligible for summer aid, you must complete the FAFSA and then fill out the UT Financial Aid Request for Summer. You can’t receive aid without completing this form. It will be available in February 2014.

The HOPE Scholarship program allows qualified students to receive up to $6,000 a year, divided equally between fall, spring, and summer semesters. If you register for summer school, you can use the HOPE Scholarship provided you meet the program’s minimum GPA requirements and enroll in at least six hours. Part-time awards are prorated. Current state law extends the HOPE Scholarship to summer term and adds a cap on the number of hours a student can use the HOPE, which is 120 attempted hours (up to a maximum of 136 attempted hours for select programs).

Student eligibility ends when you earn a baccalaureate degree, or five years from the date of your initial enrollment, or after 120 attempted hours, whichever occurs first. To find out more, visit our HOPE Scholarship program information.

Financial aid, including the HOPE Scholarship, is not available for the UT mini-term.

Private scholarships of $500 or more are split equally between the fall and spring semesters, unless the donor allows UT to change this. Written notification from the donor is necessary if you want to apply the entire amount to one semester. If you withdraw during the term, it’s your responsibility to contact the donor.

Scholarships from UT Colleges and Departments

Many of UT’s colleges and academic departments offer scholarships. Some are awarded to entering freshmen, but most are awarded to enrolled students who have met academic requirements in their majors. To be considered for freshman scholarships, applicants only need to complete and submit the scholarship part of the undergraduate application or the entire Common Application, which contains UT’s scholarship question, by the November 1 early-action deadline. Application information will be forwarded to colleges to which students have applied, and awards are typically made in mid to late spring.

Some UT colleges have information posted on the scholarships they offer:

Many departments within UT colleges offer scholarships. For more information, look up the department within your college of interest.


November 1 – Priority Applicants

All scholarships for entering freshmen, including Chancellor’s, General and Alumni Scholarships, and UT College and Departmental Scholarships

February 1 – Continuing Students
Apply for scholarships

February 15 – Submit the FAFSA

April 1 – Transfer Students
Apply for scholarships

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