Covering Costs

There are many ways and sources to help you pursue your education at UT at a reduced cost or even no cost.

Financial Aid including the FAFSA, Scholarships, Grants, Work Study, and Loans

We’ll walk you through filling out and submitting your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and how you receive aid based on your eligibility.

Financial aid includes:

The funds may come from the federal government, the state of Tennessee, or even a combination. There’s also guidance for you to seek private scholarships and other awards.

If you need information about the requirements for keeping your financial aid, we have that, too.

Fellowships, Assistantships, and Scholarships for Graduate Students

Find out how your academic achievements and participation in teaching or research can make you eligible for funding that helps you earn an advanced degree at UT.

Discounts and Waivers

You may be eligible for discounted tuition as a UT student. You can also qualify for a discount or waiver to take courses based on your employment, your family relation to an employee, your military connections, a disability, or your age as a Tennessee resident.

Deferred Payment Plan

This plan allows you to pay 50% of the total term charges, plus a service charge by each term’s due date.

Special Billing

Information on external third parties and UT departments that pay some fees or provide scholarship funds