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Competitive Scholarships

How to Apply

You must apply for admission by the November 2 deadline. The link to apply for competitive scholarships will be sent to you after you complete your admissions application to UT.

You must complete the competitive scholarship application by December 15 to be fully considered for competitive scholarships.

Apply for Admission

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Gather Your Materials and References

List any participation in school and community organizations and the number of years you’ve been involved with those groups. List any leadership positions you held during high school.

Provide a list of all awards and recognitions you received during high school.

Be prepared to write an essay of about 600 words that describes one important activity outside of class that was an important experience for you, particularly one where you had a leadership role. Explain how this activity has helped in your growth and intellectual or personal development.

At least one letter of recommendation is required for freshman scholarship applicants. One additional recommendation is optional. The recommendations should be from an academic source since the information provided by a teacher or school counselor may be particularly helpful in the holistic review of scholarship applications. Please provide contact information for the person(s) who submit a scholarship recommendation on your behalf. A link will be emailed to your recommenders on submission of your scholarship application.

If you are admitted to the College of Architecture and Design, you’ll be asked to identify your memberships in professional student organizations.

If you’re admitted to the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, you will be asked to identify your parents’ memberships in farm organizations. You should also be prepared to identify your and your family’s participation in organizations, such as FFA and 4H. An essay describing any agriculture-related experience or interests you have will also be required.