Deferred Payment Plan

How to Enroll in a Payment Plan

  • Log into MyUTK.
  • In the section called My Services, select the View/Pay Fees link.
  • Find the heading called Payment Plans to complete your enrollment.

This plan is available to students in good financial standing, meaning you have a balance of $50 or greater.

The DPP allows students to pay 50% of the total term charges, plus a $30 service charge by each term’s due date.

Check the calendar

Students who don’t pay 100% of their charges by the due date are required to enroll in the DPP.

After the first installment of 50%, half of the remaining balance is due approximately 45 days later, and the final balance is due approximately 15 days later.

There’s a $35 late fee if you don’t pay the installments on time, even if you don’t receive a reminder statement. All unpaid fees and charges must be paid in order to access registration services, receive a transcript, grades, or a diploma.

All existing rules and policies pertaining to returned checks, refunds, withdrawal from school, dropped classes, application of financial aid to unpaid accounts, reinstatement, service charges, and collection costs are applicable to the DPP.

If you’re not eligible for the DPP, you must pay 100% of the total term charges by the due date so your schedule isn’t cancelled.

Example: Without Financial Aid

Tuition: $4,890
Fees: $707
DPP Fee: $30
Total: $5,627

50% due on the payment due date (First Installment): $2,813.50, leaving a balance of $2,813.50
2nd Installment due approximately 45 days later: (half of remaining balance) $1,406.75
Final installment due approximately 15 days later: $1,406.75

Example: With Financial Aid

Tuition: $4,890
Fees: $707
DPP Fee: $30
Total: $5,627

Financial Aid for the term: $3,250
One half of charges: $5,627/2= $2,813.50**
One half of financial aid- applies to the First Installment: $3,250/2=$1,625***
50% due on the payment due date (First Installment): $2,813.50-$1,625=$1,188.50 Down payment from student/parent

2nd Installment: $2,813.50**/2=$1,406.75
Financial Aid: $1,625***/2=$812.50
$1,406.75-$812.50=$594.25 due from student/parent approximately 45 days later
Final Installment of $594.25 due from student/parent approximately 15 days later