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Chancellor’s Scholarships

These are merit-based competitive scholarships awarded to incoming first-year students.To be awarded these scholarships, there is a minimum 31 ACT (1390 SAT) and 4.0 GPA requirement.

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How to Apply

You must apply for admission by the November 1 early action application deadline to be eligible to apply for Chancellor’s Scholarships. Be sure to complete the scholarship section of the admissions application before you officially submit your application. If you applied by November 1 and did not complete the scholarship section, log into your Go Vols portal and navigate to the “Just for You” tab to complete the scholarship section to be fully eligible for the Chancellor’s Scholarships.

Retain Your Scholarship

Find out the requirements to retain your Chancellor’s Scholarship after it is initially awarded to you.

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Bonham Scholars

Named for Frederick T. Bonham, class of 1909, UT Law School. This scholarship is a four-year award based on academic merit. It provides six new recipients with $5,000 per year. Selections are made in the spring by the UT General Scholarship Committee.

The scholarship has three categories of awards that support undergraduate and graduate students campus wide:

  • Four-year awards of $5,000 each go to approximately six new students each year.
  • Scholarships for students in the College of Law range from $200 to $6,000 each.
  • One-year scholarships awarded in variable amounts.

Manning Scholars

The Peyton Manning Scholarship honors Peyton Manning, a 1998 alumnus who distinguished himself through academic achievement, community involvement, and athletic accomplishments.

Varying amounts are awarded as four-year scholarships.

Neyland Scholars

This scholarship honors Gen. Robert R. Neyland, former head coach of the UT football team and UT Athletic Director.

The Neyland Scholarship is a four-year award based on academic merit and leadership, and is awarded to six new recipients each year. Assistance is $7,000 per year for four years.

Selections are made in the spring by the UT General Scholarship Committee.

Roddy Scholars

Named for Fred M. Roddy, industrialist, inventor, and entrepreneur, and native of Blount County.

The Roddy Scholarship is a four-year award, based on academic merit and leadership, that provides $5,000 per year. Four new recipients are selected each year in the spring by the UT General Scholarship Committee.

The Roddy Foundation and the Roddy Endowment fund two separate scholarship programs. Students of any classification-freshman to senior-are eligible for the Roddy undergraduate awards. These students are selected by a committee on the basis of their leadership capabilities and financial need.

Tennessee Scholars

Twenty-five entering students, including graduating high school students and transfer students, are chosen each year to become Tennessee Scholars. Selection is based on academic merit, extracurricular and community activity, and creativity.

Scholarship support is $5,000 per year for four years, or for five years in standard five-year degree programs.