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Payment & Billing


What to Know About Your Charges

In this video, we discuss the timing of billing statements, make sure you understand the difference between a static bill and a real-time bill, and how to reach charges, financial aid, and payments.

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Pay Tuition & Fees

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Making Payments

How to Make Payments & Payment Methods

In this video, we show you where to see charges and how to make a payment through MyUTK; we discuss options for payment methods and show you where parents/guardians can log in to billing.

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Pay Tuition & Fees

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Third Party Payments

In this video, we discuss discounts and waivers offered and accepted by UT, as well as third-party payments and the process of billing.

Discounts & Waivers

Pay Tuition & Fees

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“All Things Payment” Webinar

Recap Video

The One Stop team helps answer the most common student questions about billing, statement, and payment options in their Spring 2023 “All Things Payment” webinar.

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Financial Aid & Scholarships

External Scholarships

In this video, we explain external scholarships and discuss how UT processes them, and we provide information on possible external scholarship opportunities.


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Financial Aid Awards

In this video, we discuss the estimated cost of attendance, where to view your financial aid, and how to accept your financial aid awards.

Decode Your Financial Aid Offer

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FERPA & Student Privacy


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

In this video, we discuss FERPA and how to add authorized users to your MyUTK account.

Authorized Users

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Adjusting Your Schedule

Adding & Dropping Classes

What to Know Before You Make Schedule Changes

In this video, we discuss the implications of adding and dropping classes, as well as show you how to add or drop a class in your MyUTK account.

Add Classes

Drop Classes

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