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Grade Mode Change Implications

Carefully review the information provided below prior to submitting a grade mode change request.

Spring 2021 Graduates: May 14, 2021, 11:59 p.m. EST
All other undergraduate students: June 15, 2021, 11:59 p.m. EST

Grade mode change requests nor retroactive course withdrawal appeals will change a student’s academic standing or change an academic dismissal status. Students who have been academically dismissed seeking reinstatement for Spring 2021 should follow the directions outlined in the December 2020 dismissal notification sent by the Office of University Registrar.

Spring 2021 Graduates

Grade mode change requests will delay the awarding of your degree. Your requests will be prioritized by the Grade Mode Change committee for review. The deadline to submit a grade mode change request for spring 2021 graduates is May 14, 2021, 11:59 p.m. EST.

Before Submitting a Request

  • You may only submit this form one time.
  • You will be unable to make corrections or adjustments to your original request once it is officially submitted.
  • Documentation is required at the point of submission. Please review examples of documentation to support the extenuating circumstances due to COVID-19 that severely impacted your academic success.
  • All decisions are considered final. There is no appeal process at the conclusion of the request process.
  • Requests received after the deadlines above will not be reviewed. If you have concerns in meeting this deadline, please email the GMC committee at

Potential Impact of Your Request

  • HOPE Scholarship Eligibility
    • Letter grades are required for HOPE Scholarship eligibility. Unlike Spring 2020, the State of Tennessee has not provided additional flexibility for the HOPE Scholarship program. The letter grades will be included in your HOPE GPA calculation.
  • Institutional Scholarship Renewal
    • S/CR/NC grades may impact your UT GPA. If an approved grade mode change request improves your UT GPA, your new UT GPA will be used to evaluate your institutional scholarship eligibility.
  • Degree Progression
    • Students will receive more information concerning impact on degree progression, as part of the review process.
    • S and CR grades awarded under this process may only be used to satisfy major/minor requirements with departmental approval.
    • S and CR grades awarded under this process may be used to satisfy General Education requirements without prior approval.
  • Graduate and Professional School Admissions
    • S/CR/NC grades may not be accepted when applying for future admission to graduate or professional schools.
  • Academic Record & Transcript
    • Letter grades will be stored in support of your academic history and HOPE Scholarship GPA calculation.
    • Approved S/CR/NC grade mode change requests will appear on student transcripts. Supplemental documentation noting the letter grade will accompany transcript orders.
  • Degree Conferral for Spring 2021 Graduates
  • College of Nursing
    • Nursing courses that satisfy major and minor degree requirements are not eligible for a grade mode change request. S/CR grades will not satisfy requirements.