How Do I Get My Transcript?

Official Transcripts

Official transcripts are $10 each, and you can pay for them online. The quickest way for you to receive a secure copy of your transcript is by e-mail, and you can download it multiple times.

Current students should log in to MyUTK to order a transcript. The link is in the Student Academic Links box.

Former students and alumni can use the Transcript Ordering Portal to create a secure account and place an order.

You can authorize UT to send a transcript directly to a third party. Any official transcript that goes to a student is stamped “Issued to Student.” UT will not issue transcripts, diplomas, certificates of credit, or grades to any student with a financial hold on his or her account.

Order Transcripts Online

Secure Copies by E-mail

  • Available for students who attended after fall semester 1998
  • Information about downloading and opening transcripts is posted here.
  • The electronic transcript is available for seven downloads for 30 days. If the PDF is not downloaded within 30 days, the download link will expire.
  • Transcripts that are never downloaded are not re-sent. No refunds will be given.

Transcript Sent in Mail

You may ask for your transcript to be mailed to you through the postal service.

Paper Transcript to Pick up at UT

These transcripts are printed on security paper that contains tests for authenticity. You can ask for a copy of your official transcript to pick up at One Stop, located on the bottom floor of Hodges Library. You can also designate in your online order for someone other than yourself to pick up the transcript. That person must show photo ID at One Stop.

Academic History Report (Unofficial Transcript)

There is an unofficial version of your transcript called your Academic History Report. It’s only intended for internal use at UT. This report includes all your final grades and terms, along with information that’s not on your transcript. It may help with your academic advising.

You can access your academic history on MyUTK when you go to Student Academic Links and select View Your Academic History. The university doesn’t print these reports and doesn’t send them by e-mail or regular mail.