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This page contains all the forms you need to maintain your financial aid, registration, and student records.

Graduate Students

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Tennessee Education Lottery (HOPE) Scholarship

This form is used to request a change from full-time to part-time enrollment in the same semester. Students enrolled in a full-time status, as of the 14th day of classes, may not drop or withdraw to part-time status within the same semester without prior approval. Tennessee Law limits the reasons for enrollment status change to documented medical or personal reasons only. Students must include documentation with their request to be considered for an enrollment status change.

Request for Change from Full-Time to Part-Time Enrollment

This form is used to request an increase of the maximum allowable hours for degree programs that require more than 120 credit hours.

Request for Increase in Maximum Hours

Students may request a leave of absence for personal (illness or death of an immediate family member), medical, or military mobilization reasons. Students may also request a leave of absence during an internship or co-op program that is required or encouraged as a part of the academic program in which the student is enrolled. Students should include any supporting documentation with their application. Students whose requests are approved will be granted a leave of absence without affecting their eligibility to retain the TELS Program Scholarship.

Request for Leave of Absence

Any student who wishes to appeal the denial or revocation of the HOPE Scholarship should complete the Appeal form. Students should include any supporting documentation with their appeal. An Institutional Review Panel (IRP) will review appeals and the student will be notified of the panel’s decision in writing. If the IRP denies your appeal, you have 45 calendar days to appeal, in writing, directly to the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation (TSAC) TELS Award Appeal Panel. You are not permitted to appeal directly to the TSAC TELS Award Appeal Panel unless the UT IRP denies your appeal.

Eligibility Appeal

Use this form to notify the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships of your intention to use your one-time course repeat option. This option utilizes the highest grade for a repeated course in the TELS GPA calculation. However, the semester hours for both attempted courses will be included in the 120 attempted hour limit. This option can be used to either retain or regain your HOPE Scholarship.

Notification of Repeated Class Grade Replacement

Use this form to request a review of your HOPE GPA to determine your eligibility to regain the HOPE Scholarship. You may only regain the HOPE Scholarship one time during your college career.

Request for Review of HOPE GPA

Registration and Records

Academic Second Opportunity (ASO) Petition

Add Slip (Change of Registration — add, change grading option, change section, change credit hours)

Catalogs for 1975-1976 through 2008-2009 are available in searchable PDF format.

Course Description Request (for catalog course descriptions prior to 1975-1976 catalog)

Course Equivalency Form (undergraduates only)

Duplicate Diploma Order Form

Graduation Application (Graduate or Undergraduate) Apply online through MyUTK.

Name Change Request

Privacy Application (Exclusion from UT Student Directories)

Residency (Application for In-State Classification — Graduate)

Residency (Application for In-State Classification Undergraduate)

Residency Employment Waiver

Senior Citizens Tuition Waiver for Academic Credit (People who are 65 or older may enroll in courses for credit at a reduced rate of $7.00 per semester hour.)

Senior Citizens Tuition Waiver for Audit Only (If you’re 60 or older, you may audit courses at UT without paying fees.)

Sports Clubs Signature Form (Student Organization Information Sheet)

Student Education Record Release

Withdrawal Form – (Total/Complete drop of all classes from current semester)