Your Degree

Track Your Degree Progress – Banner DARS

This automated online system compares your completed undergraduate coursework with the requirements for your degree, creating a progress report. It also details your GPA and the classes you need to take.

Stay on Track in Your Major – uTrack

uTrack is an academic monitoring system designed to help undergraduates graduate in four years by laying out a road map for your major. It outlines the courses and timeline required for your major and alerts you if you get off track.

How Do I Schedule Academic Advising?

Find out how you get an advisor, when you have required meetings, and how to use other resources that help you create an academic plan at UT.

Privacy of Student Records

How UT governs access to student records based on the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

15-4 Tuition Plan Cuts Costs to Earn Degree

UT’s 15-4 tuition plan helps you cut costs and take the number of classes you need per term to graduate in four years. The plan affects full-time undergraduates who enroll between fall 2013 and summer 2014.

Confirmed Degrees

Each UT college lists the undergraduate, graduate, or professional students whose degrees were confirmed.