Your Classes

Registering for Classes
Learn to register and find tools that help you choose classes.

Dropping Classes
Find out how to drop classes and how it may affect what you owe.

Withdrawing from UT
How to submit an application if you need to drop all your classes

Forms for Financial Aid, Registration, and Records
Get forms including academic secondary opportunity petitions, add slips, and more.

Adding Classes
How the process works

Scheduling Academic Advising
Learn how to schedule meetings to plan your curriculum.

Dates and Deadlines
Need a calendar? We’ve got you covered.

Enrollment Strategies and Waitlist Tips
Find out how to get in a required class for your major or onto a waitlist.

Prerequisites and Corequisites

Prerequisite – A course you are required to complete as a condition for enrolling in a class where current familiarity with the subject is essential to succeed in the class. For example, you must successfully complete Accounting 301 (prerequisite) before enrolling in Accounting 321. The knowledge you gain in 301 will help you succeed in 321.

Corequisite – This is a course that must be taken simultaneously (or prior to) another course so you will be prepared to succeed in the other course. For example, you must take Business Administration 341 at the same time or before taking Business Administration 342.

If you failed a course that’s a prerequisite to another class on your schedule, you won’t be allowed to register for the next class until you complete the requirements. Anytime you don’t have the proper prerequisites or corequisites for a course you registered to take, it may be involuntarily dropped from your schedule after all opportunities to add another course have passed.

What’s a Mini-term?

The mini-term allows you to attend one concentrated credit course. The courses and instructors reflect a broad base of offerings for an intensive study program. Courses cover information included in regular offerings, but many are supplemented with films, team teaching, field trips, independent research projects, and specialized areas of study. Students must be admitted for summer semester before registering for a mini-term. The courses follow the same standards as those in a regular semester. Mini-term grades are included in the calculation of the summer term grade point average. You must have permission from the dean of the respective college to enroll in more than one course during a mini-term since one day is equivalent to one week. Mini-terms are not eligible for financial aid.