Financial Aid for Summer Term Students

Steps to receive financial aid for summer school, including the HOPE Scholarship:

  • First, to be eligible for summer aid, you must complete the FAFSA. The summer deadline is April 1. How to Complete the FAFSA and Submit It
  • Once the FAFSA is complete, you must fill out the UT Financial Aid Request Form for summer. It’s essential this form be completed on time to prevent delays in receiving summer aid. You can’t receive aid without completing this form.
    2016 Summer Aid Form
  • The HOPE Scholarship Program allows qualified students to receive up to $6,000 a year, divided equally between fall, spring, and summer semesters. Students registering for summer school can use the HOPE Scholarship provided they meet the program’s minimum GPA requirements and enroll in at least six hours. Part-time awards are prorated.
  • Please note: Any change in enrollment status can affect your aid for summer. HOPE/TELS award recipients should not drop any courses once summer begins, as it may result in permanent loss of the HOPE scholarship.

Current Tennessee law extends the HOPE Scholarship to summer term and adds a cap on the number of hours a student can use the HOPE, which is 120 attempted hours (up to a maximum of 136 attempted hours for select programs) or 8 full-time equivalent semesters. Attempted hours also include hours when the HOPE Scholarship is not used.

You may receive the HOPE scholarship until the first of these terminating events:

  • You have earned a baccalaureate degree; OR
  • Five years have passed from the date of your initial enrollment at any postsecondary institution; OR
  • You have attempted 120 semester hours OR you have received the HOPE Scholarship for 8 full-time equivalent semesters; whichever occurs later

To find out more, visit our HOPE Scholarship Program information.

UT Consortium Agreements

If you’re taking classes at another institution in the summer, read about consortium agreement requirements to find out if you’re eligible to receive financial aid to help cover those costs.

HOPE Scholarship Consortium Agreements

If you don’t qualify for a UT consortium, you may still be eligible to receive the HOPE Scholarship during the summer. Please contact One Stop for more information on how to complete the TELS Consortium Agreement between Eligible Postsecondary Institution form.

HOPE consortium agreements must be submitted by June 15th in order to have timely payment.