Disbursement Information

UT offers direct deposit for your excess financial aid. The funds are sent to your designated account. The availability of the money varies, depending on your financial institution’s policy for receiving and crediting direct deposit.

The funds are transmitted on the day of disbursement, but it may take longer before the deposit shows up in your account.

To enroll in direct deposit, create a Refund Profile in MyUTK.

This profile will remain in effect throughout your time at UT. If your account changes, make sure you update your profile. Checks that require an endorsement are not eligible for direct deposit. Instead, you’ll get an e-mail saying the money has been sent to your financial institution.

Designate Financial Aid to Pay Other Charges

Your federal financial aid is automatically applied toward your tuition and fees for the year you receive it.

Federal regulations allow you to voluntarily authorize financial aid to be used to pay for non-tuition and fees during the current year. You make this designation online when you accept your financial aid.